Positive Negative Man is an alternative/post-punk/indie trio, from Boston, MA; formed in 2012.

Mike Feeney: Guitars, Vocals, and Songwriting

Pete Tomilloso: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

Eric Gibbs: Guitar, Songwriting

Jenn Vix: Electronic Drum Tracks, and occasional Vocals.


Pete moved from Seattle to Boston. He formally played with the Cheats, and Monsters of the Deep.

Mike  also has a soundscape side project; Ancient Pistol, and is a guitar disciple of Roger Miller, of Mission Of Burma.

Eric brings a melodic and catchy accompaniment to Mike's seething guitar noise.


The band's new single, "Dummies," is out now, on Spotify, and the music video is on YouTube.

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jenn Vix.


The band is currently gigging.