FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Boston, MA) Indie Alt- Rock BAND, Positive Negative Man to release new, 5 track, self-titled EP, in August, 2020.

March 8, 2020:


Positive Negative Man is an alternative/post-punk/indie band from Boston, MA.

Mike Feeney: Guitars, Vocals, and Songwriting

Pete Tomilloso: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

Eric Gibbs: Guitar, Songwriting

Jenn Vix: Electronic Drum Tracks, Recording and Production


Mike  Feeney is a guitar disciple of Roger Miller, of Mission Of Burma.

Pete moved from Seattle to Boston. He formerly played with the Cheats, and Monsters of the Deep.

Eric brings a melodic and catchy accompaniment to Mike's seething guitar noise.

Jenn Vix is a solo, electronic rock / synthpop recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, recording engineer, and producer.

She has collaborated with former band members from the late David Bowie, The Cure, and more.


The new, self titled EP, is scheduled for release on August 7, 2020, on Indie label QPR.

Track Listing:

1. Invisible

2. Dummies

3. Lilt

4. J59

5. She Said


Great songs and interesting playing.

The contrast between the chimey lead guitar, and the grungy riffs on "Invisible" is especially cool.

I think the singing and the writing is excellent! -- Jack Rabid (The Big Takeover)



The band's latest single, "Dummies," is now, on Spotify

The video, is on YouTube

Social Media

Twitter: @positivenegman

Instagram: positive_negative_man




For more info, contact: J. Willis: